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Zimmerman Visual crafts images and stories of the (un)built environment that communicate architectural ideas to communities, city officials, investors, and prospective tenants. Through the use of 3d architecture, animation, photography and VR immersive imagery, Zimmerman Visual works alongside clients to produce a visualization solution that  imparts the essence of the imagined and the harmony of the realized.

Philadelphia Hotel Rendering


Take the sketch/plans/3D model of your design and illustrate it to perfect photo-realistic imagery. Also as an alternative to photo-realistic imagery between specific 2d and 3d digital techniques a DIGITAL WATERCOLOUR STYLE rendering illustration can be achieved. This technique is sometimes useful in the early stages of the design process. This looser style of imagery suggests a project design which is still in process.


Take your perfect imagery and add the element of time to highlight the best aspects of your project with motion. Architectural animations can be as simple as walking through the interior of a 3d model or more comprehensive with a storyboarded sequence of shots that give your viewing audience a story that makes a strong impression. An animation can really help a client envision the entirety of a project, as well as capturing the interest of potential project investors and wowing the local city officials. Animations are extremely valuable when you're trying to make a strong impression.

Hyatt Pano Final.jpg


Turn your perfect imagery into a 3D immersive environment that explains in detail the architectural design. For a more immersive and interactive view(s) of your project try VR and Panorama imagery. This type of visualization can be used in your web browser or in conjunction with VR headsets to completely immerse clients into their designs. Take a look at these samples: 

Residential Interior - Downtown LA - VR

Brick Alley - VR

Pool House - VR

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