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Since graduating from Texas Tech (B.Arch) and SCI-Arc (M.Arch) with degrees in architecture, Ken has been immersed in illustrating, animating and photographing projects for architects, interior designers and developers.  Working as a senior designer for several years has laid a foundation of architectural professionalism that Ken draws upon when working closely with his clients.


While illustration and photography serve different purposes at different stages of the building process, they both still look to describe and visualize the building at its best. They both look to express the character of the design through the "image". They both aim to tell a story of the place. Be it a built project or a proposed project, the image is one of the most effective tools for communicating the essence of the architectural space. 


Ken Zimmerman is a proud member of ASAI, the American Society of Architectural Illustrators.


Give Ken a call or email him to discuss your project's options.

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