Architectural Illustration Services

  • Concept phase 3D renderings - a set of renderings that is a little looser and usually are meant to convey an idea or concept.

  • Schematic phase 3D renderings - a set of renderings that build upon the ideas in concept phase and add a little more detail.

  • 3D renderings for entitlement - a set of renderings that are best utilized when the design is being scrutinized by local city bureaucracies for design approval.

  • Pre-sales and Pre-leasing visualization - a set of renderings or animation that assists prospective property buyer, lessee or sales teams.

  • Presentation 3D renderings - renderings that are used in formal presentations to depict the design in a detailed and realistic manner.

  • Design review 3D renderings - renderings that are used in a formal or informal presentation to showcase specific design aspects of the architecture.

  • Add the element of time and create a fly thru animation that tells the story of your project.


Digital Watercolor

Between specific 2d and 3d digital techniques a watercolour style rendering illustration can be achieved. This technique is sometimes

useful in the early stages of the design process. This looser style of imagery suggests design which is still in process.


Architectural Animation

Architectural animations can be as simple as walking through the interior of a 3d model or more comprehensive with a storyboarded sequence of shots that give your viewing audience a story that makes a strong impression. An animation can really help a client envision the entirety of a project, as well as capturing the interest of potential project investors and wowing the local city officials. Animations are extrememly valuable when you're trying to make a strong impression.


Architectural Photography

Photography is typically utilized when a project is complete and you're ready to add some imagery to your website, portfolio or next big project proposal. Ken has been photographing architecture for almost 20 years and applies many of the same principles that are used in his illustrations, such as composition, lighting, and color.


Drone Photography for Visualization and Animation

Drone photography and drone video footage can be composited with a 3D model to show a more realistic aerial view of the project.

For more info on drone services call or email Ken.


VR Imagery (Virtual Reality)

For a more immersive and interactive view(s) of your project try VR and Panorama imagery. This type of visualization can be used in conjuction with VR headsets to completely immerse clients into their designs. For more info about VR services call or email Ken.

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